Our antibacterial treatment for fabrics gives it high-level antimicrobial qualities.

The potential of reducing the transmission of pathogenic agents in antimicrobial fabrics is raising an increasing interest. Sure enough, these cloths prevent numerous malignant organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, and acari from both growing and propagating.

Among the principal qualities of this product, we can enounce higher quality in its features. By blocking the microbes' development is indeed possible to give a longer life to the article, which lasts for a period definitely longer than in non-treated merchandise.

Moreover, this averts the bad smells which are provoked by the development of pathogenic agents. Thus, those who buy such cloths will be able to wash them less frequently. This leads to a reduction in both the energy and the time spent maintaining the article, making it cheaper.

Given the great flexibility of this process, all fibres may undergo such a process (cotton, polyester, polyamide, and mixed), guaranteeing a wide range of applications of the finished product.

Furthermore, antimicrobial fabrics find application wherever humidity and microbes converge. A few examples are the medical and sanitary fields, sports clothing, food packaging, thermal protection, automotive textile, air filter, and similar.



Representation of antibacterial activity